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Hello Serbia, it's been awhile. We meet again, even though I am someone who prefers exploring new places and meeting new faces. So when it comes to traveling I like going somewhere I've never been before. But ok Serbia is an exception, just because of my family and friends. Otherwise, I had 22 years to wander around and now it's time to explore other parts of the globe. Right? Cause why would I go through the same streets over and over again when there are thousands of others my feet never stepped on. Life is short and the world is wide. But yeah, going back to Serbia is inevitable for me. Especially when you have that important role of auntie but you live far away from those cute little kiddos, just like me. Yup, you read it right, it's kiddoS now since I've became an auntie again this February. Hurray for having another princess in our family who's gonna be just like me! :)
So couple of days ago I was there, seeing my second niece Iva for the first time, celebrating her sister's 2nd Birthday and spending some nice time with the rest of my family and my best friends. And even though that was a trip called "vacation" I managed to leave my phone on a side for a while, but I couldn't leave my camera. So I filmed this short video with just a small part of my huge family. Next time there will be more, I promise, cause there are some missing here. :)

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Hello Srbijo, dugo se nismo videli. Susrećemo se opet, iako sam ja neko ko zapravo preferira istraživanje novih mesta i upoznavanje novih ljudi. Stoga, kada je reč o putovanjima uglavnom volim da obilazim mesta na kojima nikada nisam bila. Ali ok Srbijo, ti si izuzetak ali samo zbog porodice i prijatelja. U suprotnom, imala sam 22 godine da švrljam tvojim ulicama, sada je vreme da istražim druge krajeve sveta. Zar ne? Jer zašto bih konstantno hodala istim ulicama, kada postoji na hiljade drugih kroz koja moja stopala još uvek nisu kročila. Život je kratak a svet ogroman. Ali da, odlazak u Srbiju je za mene neizbežno. Naročito jer imam tu bitnu ulogu tetke ali živim daleko od svojih princeza. Da, dobro ste pročitali, u pitanju je množina jer sam u februaru postala tetka po drugi put. Uraaa za još jednu poticu u našoj porodici koja će biti na mene! :)
I tako sam ja pre nekoliko dana odletela baš put Srbiju, da se upoznam sa mojom drugom princezom, Ivom, da proslavimo drugi rođendan njene sestre Lane i da provedem neko vreme sa ostatkom porodice i prijateljima. I iako se ovo putovanje trebalo da se zove "godišnji odmor", uspela sam da ostavim telefon sa strane na neko vreme, ali ne i kameru. Tako da sam zabeležila neke momente sa samo malim delom moje velike porodice. Sledećeg puta će biti malo više, obećavam, jer nije u redu što neki fale u ovom videu. :)

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Something slightly different on my blog today. Something I've never really talked about, but trying to get back in shape after this food in Dubai destroyed me is one thing I'm dealing with every single day. Welcome to my life! Working out five days a week when managing to do that, eating clean and cutting sugar from my meals became my lifestyle. But still, we all need those cheat days once in a while, right? And lot of us are actually dying to try some treatments that will make us slim down faster. Been there, tried that! And now I'm ready to share my experience with you.So couple of days ago I've decided to pay a visit to Bionix Body Designers and try that 45 minutes slimming shot challenge. They said it's the most effective and aggressive non-surgical body shaping treatment ever. There is no downtime, no pain, no pin prick and immediate visible results. And yeah, first I was impressed how they measured my fat, muscles and the amount of water in my body. And then miracle happened, just after 45 minutes of basically laying on the bed, snapchating, texting with friends, while I was having a treatment that helped me lose 7,5 cm in total. The whole process was quite simple. They focus on melting fat and then draining it out through lymphatic channels using their vacuum fat loss machine. It improves metabolism, induces skin tightening and honestly it's so easy, fast and for me it wasn't painful at all. What's more, I really enjoyed this treatment. So in case you want to visit Bionix Body Designers, you can find this place at 205B Falcon building, Al-Mina road in Bur Dubai.
Nešto sasvim drugačije danas na mom blogu. Tema o kojoj još uvek nisam prićala, ali pokušavanje da se vratim u formu nakon što me hrana u Dubaiju uništila je nešto sa čime se borim svakoga dana. Dobrodošli u moj život! Treniranje pet puta nedeljno (kada za to imam vremena), zdrava ishrana i izbacivanje šećera iz obroka, postali su jednostavno moj način života. Mada ipak, svima nama s vremena na vreme zatrebaju oni "cheat" dani, zar ne? Isto tako mnogi od nas očajnički žele da isprobaju sve moguće tretmane koji će nam pomoći da uklonimo neželjene kilograme. Been there, tried that! Te kada sam već okusila tako nešto, red je da podelim sa vama svoje iskustvo.Naime pre nekoliko dana posetila sam Bionix Body Designers zbog izazova zvanog 45 minutes slimming shot. Kažu da je to najefikasniji ne-hirurški tretman za oblikovanje tela ikada. Nema iglica, nema bola a rezultati su vidljivi odmah. Prvo me impresioniralo kako su mi izmerili mast, mišiće i vodu u telu. A zatim se dogodilo čudo posle zaista svega 45 minuta izležavanja na krevetu, snapchat-ovanja i dopisivanja sa društvom, za vreme čega se odvijao taj tretman koji bukvalno nisam ni osetila, a nakon kojeg sam zaista izgubila 7,5 cm u totalu. Jer ceo proces je jednostavan. Fokusiraju se na topljenje masnih naslaga koje zatim usisavaju vakum mašinom za gubljenje masti. I verujte mi zaista nije bolno, čak štaviše uživala sam u čitavom tretmanu. Stoga, ukoliko želite da posetite Bionix Body Designers, nalazi se na adresi: 205B Falcon building, Al-mina road u Bur Dubaiju. 

Romantic? Yes, I am. Love waking up to a nice view? Oh, you bet. So, that was the reason why I chose Old Meidan hotel to spend a night while exploring old part of Tbilisi. It was such a pleasant swap - from a dusty Dubai and its skyscrapers to a lovely old town that reminds me of Europe. What's more, the location couldn't be better, everything was within reach - both sides of Old Tbilisi connected by a bridge and by ropeway that was visible from my bed, then famous Sulphur bath just 3 minutes away from my hotel, river and small area next to it full of bars, restaurants and cafes shoulder to shoulder along a series of pedestrian streets with those adorable balconies from an old brick-build homes. Now I wanna go back to that place, to jump in that cozy bed with a cup of tea and my loved one. I'll be back one day Georgia, to explore your streets during summer. 

Romantična duša? Da, jesam. Volim da se budim uz predivan pogled kroz prozor? I te kako. Stoga sam izabrala Old Meidan hotel dok sam istraživala stari deo grada Tbilisi. Kakva prijatna promena - iz Dubaija sa svojim oblakoderima u ovakav jedan stari deo Gruzijske prestonice, koji me vraća u Evropu. I da budem iskrena, lokacija nije mogla biti bolja, sve nam je bilo na dohvat ruke - obe strane Starog grada povezane mostom i žičarom koju sam mogla da posmatram iz svog kreveta, zatim reka i četvrt pun restorana i kafića rame uz rame sa gomilom malenih ulica koje krase predivni balkoni starih ciglenih kuća. I evo, ovog trenutka želim da se vratim tamo, da uskočim u onaj topao krevet i odmaram uz divan pogled, šolju čaja i meni dragu osobu. Zaista se moram vratiti u Gruziju jednoga dana, da je upoznam i tokom leta.  

As you all probably know it's Ramadan now in Dubai, the holiest month in Islamic calendar.  Even though I don't celebrate it, I wanted to do something special this year 'cause I've always wanted to contribute to the world somehow. Maybe I'm not able to start a charity now but I definitely am to do a collaboration with 800flower.ae and spread some love and happiness all over MyDubai. Guess what? That's exactly what I did couple of days ago when I was giving out their gorgeous flowers, believe it or not, but to strangers. It doesn't matter if they don't know me personally, what matters is that by doing this I'll make someone happy. To be honest, I had lot of fun and I'm sure I made their day brighter on those hellish 40 degrees. You see, it's not that difficult to make someone happy, which means we should do it more often. So, let's start today! Surprise the people you love with small presents, kind words, help, a hug, a genuine compliment, or with flowers just like I did. To help you with that, I would definitely recommend you www.800flower.ae where you can find a huge range of gift ideas + you can use my promo code Svetlana2016 in order to get 10% discount on your next purchase. Ramadan Mubarak everyone! 

Moving on to my vacation in Georgia 'cause I still haven't posted all of my photos from that trip and currently I'm in a process of planning some new escapes. Just can't wait to sit on a plane and get lost, 'cause it's been a while since my last vacation and me no like it. However, as you probably noticed I like filming my trips and putting together all of the clips I take on the road. Remember my video from Sri Lanka, right? I got so many positive feedbacks and I personally really do love it 'cause it reminds me of all of those wonderful days I've spent on that beautiful island. So next video I'm gonna share with you is from Georgia, as you can tell. Lovin' it as well since I had so much fun wandering around the country, together with an old friend of mine who I haven't seen since our crazy 6 weeks we spent together in Milan four years ago. Gosh, time flies like crazy...

Da se vratimo na moj odmor u Gruziji, s obzirom da još uvek nisam postavila sve fotografije sa tog putovanja, a u procesu sam planiranja svog narednog bega. Jedva čekam da sednem u avion i izgubim se negde, jer je već prošlo dosta od moje poslednje skitnje a to mi se ni malo ne sviđa. I verovatno ste primetili da volim da snimam klipove na putovanjima, te da ih na kraju sklopim u jedan maleni video baš kao onaj sa Šri Lanke. Sećate se tog videa, zar ne? Dobila sam gomilu pozitivnih komentara, a i ja ga lično mnogo volim jer se prisetim tih dana provedenih na tom predivnom ostrvu. A kao što možete da predpostavite, sledeći na redu je video iz Gruzije koji danas delim sa vama. Još jedan meni jako drag, jer sam se zaista divno provela lutajući Gruzijom zajedno sa drugaricom koju nisam videla još od onih ludih 6 nedelja koje smo provele zajedno u Milanu pre četiri godine. Vreme zaista nenormalno leti...


This morning literally couldn't start better. Not only have I had a delicious breakfast at the Frioul in Madinat Jumeirah, but I've also enjoyed the panel discussion with women who made their dreams possible. As you may know Neutrogena launched its first-ever global integrated marketing campaign under the name "See What's Possible". The campaign itself supports female empowerment and also brings to life Neutrogena's mission to help every woman put her best face forward so that she can achieve her dreams. It was indeed a great pleasure for me to attend such an inspirational event not focused on products, but on the thing that we do not need a magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. Small actions, big difference - remember that! So, what do you call a woman who thinks anything is possible? And what do YOU see as possible? Leave me your answer down bellow in the comment section, I'm super excited to read them all. 

Moje jutro jednostavno nije moglo početi bolje. Ne samo da sam uživala u doručku Frioul restorana u Madinat Jumeirah, već i u panel diskusiji šest žena koje su ostvarile svoje snove. Naime, Neutrogena je pokrenula prvu globalno integrisanu marketinšku kampanju pod nazivom "See What's Possible". Sama kampanja podržava osnaživanje žena i oživljava misiju Neutrogene da pomogne svim ženama da se pokažu u najboljem svetlu i dokažu da mogu ostvariti svoje snove. Moram priznati da mi je zaista bilo veliko zadovoljstvo da prisustvujem jednom ovakvom inspiracionom događaju koji po prvi put nije bio fokusiran na proizvode, već na činjenicu da nam nije potrebna magija kako bismo promenili svet, jer svi već posedujemo tu određenu dozu moći u nama. Sve što treba jeste da verujete u sebe i u ono što radite. A sada me zanima kako zovete ženu koja misli da je sve moguće? I šta vi zapravo mislite da je danas moguće? Čekam vaše odgovoreeeeee... 

Visiting Rooms Hotel is a MUST when traveling to Georgia! Keep that in mind if you're planning your trip to this lovely country. No matter if you choose the one in Tbilisi or Kazbegi, in both places they will treat you well...and spoil. If you really want to relax and do completely nothing, then definitely go for Kazbegi, cause there's nothing else to do but to enjoy the comfort and luxury with the warm and welcoming feel of a mountain lodge. Clean and comfortable rooms, spa with tremendous view, mood lighting, super delicious food, carefully selected sounds that fill the spacious fireplace lounge and cocktail bar - all this makes it a home to international guests and fashionable Georgians. 

Poseta Rooms Hotelu u Gruziji je POD OBAVEZNO. Imajte to na umu ukoliko planirate putovanje u ovu državu. Bilo da se odlučite za Tbilisi ili Kazbegi, podjednako lepo će vas ugostiti...i razmaziti. Ukoliko želite da se zaista odmorite i radite a ma baš ništa, definitivno izaberite Kazbegi, jer tamo i nemate šta drugo da radite osim da odmarate u hotelu i uživate u pogledu, udobnosti i luksuzu koji vam pruža ovaj planinski dom. Čiste sobe, spa sa fenomenalnim pogledom, preukusna hrana, divna atmosfera i pažljivo odabrana muzika uz kamin i bar - sve ovo ga čini pravim rajem za internacionalne goste, kao i moderne Gruzijce.