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A few days ago on my English class I was asked to write an essay about my favorite hobby. You know what it is. But how I perceive it, you can find out in the lines bellow. And after that comes a little sneak peek of my next outfit post. Stay tuned.

Pre par dana, na kursu Engleskog jezika koji pohadjam, dobila sam da pisem esej na temu "Moj omiljeni hobi". Znate valjda sta je. Ali kako ja to dozivljavam, mozete saznati iz sledecih redova. Na zalost, tekst je na Engleskom jeziku pa mozda neki od vas nece razumeti...ali svratite na moj blogic vec sutra gde ce vas docekati novi outfit post za koji vam nije potrebno znanje jezika vec samo dobro oko i ljubav prema modi.


Passion is the perfect word for describing my favorite hobby. It is about blogging, the work with which I begin each day from early morning with a cup of coffee. Reading someone's lines related to the fashion and later on giving your own opinion, is something that fulfill me.
Blogging has recently begun to be popular here in Serbia, I found it really interesting and useful so a few month ago I decided to make mine (named 'Dictionary of Fashion') and I did not regret it for one moment of my life. Up to now I have been very satisfied with my work and each comment from my lovely readers means a lot. Appreciating what I do and supporting me is something that gives me energy to continue to deal with this. So, planning some new outfit posts or fashion reports is the thing I work on in my free time, wherever I am and wherever I can find an inspiration. That is a kind of my personal journal, published on my web page. And for us, Bloggers, every day spent with our blogs is just another cheers to a relationship between a woman and a shoe, a bag or a dress.

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  1. ♥ fulfill me, also! :)
    Divne oke plave, jedva cekam da vidim ostatak outfita! :*

  2. Baš si lepo napisala :) jesi stavila i ovu sliku? ;) Šalim se ;) Prelepa si!

  3. Your blog is always so wonderful !!!:))
    I loved this post !!!;)

    A great weekend!

  4. divno napisano. Imas prelepe oci!

  5. jojjj,sviđa mi se zadnja rečenica...heheh