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As you all probably know it's Ramadan now in Dubai, the holiest month in Islamic calendar.  Even though I don't celebrate it, I wanted to do something special this year 'cause I've always wanted to contribute to the world somehow. Maybe I'm not able to start a charity now but I definitely am to do a collaboration with 800flower.ae and spread some love and happiness all over MyDubai. Guess what? That's exactly what I did couple of days ago when I was giving out their gorgeous flowers, believe it or not, but to strangers. It doesn't matter if they don't know me personally, what matters is that by doing this I'll make someone happy. To be honest, I had lot of fun and I'm sure I made their day brighter on those hellish 40 degrees. You see, it's not that difficult to make someone happy, which means we should do it more often. So, let's start today! Surprise the people you love with small presents, kind words, help, a hug, a genuine compliment, or with flowers just like I did. To help you with that, I would definitely recommend you www.800flower.ae where you can find a huge range of gift ideas + you can use my promo code Svetlana2016 in order to get 10% discount on your next purchase. Ramadan Mubarak everyone! 

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